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working with me

My intention as a photographer is to represent my clients with pride, class, and authenticity. For this reason, connection is a critical piece of the puzzle of my kind of work. A good fit is always pretty foundational, but developing a real and genuine relationship with the people who are sharing important life moments with me is a much bigger priority than just delivering a service, because the final product depends on it! So when you book with me, you're booking a connection with someone whose main goal is to get to know you and evoke the truest version of you in the memories you'll be keeping and looking through forever. 

The experience I deliver also isn't about getting a few good photos; it's about having a good time, one that is exciting yet relaxed, and allows you to be yourself. It's also about getting a service that's professional, inspires more art, and that makes people want to have their picture taken more often!

If there's one thing I value more than participating in so many special memories, it's that I get to force those memories to freeze in time. To truly understand what I'm passionate about and what I'm offering as a photographer, you must know that freezing time makes my heart beat differently. It warms me up inside and makes me giddy. It's so much more than pushing the right buttons and being good at Photoshop! My ultimate goal is to show you that the same little moments that give you butterflies are my favorites to capture and keep frozen in time forever. 

Portrait sessions are fun, flexible, and creative opportunities to celebrate all kinds of moments in a meaningful and tangible way; from annual family holiday cards & albums to surprise marriage proposals, to graduating seniors throwing their gaps or elder seniors celebrating 50 years of love, and everything in between.


Starting at $350, these sessions can be customized to fit your personality and comfort level in front of the camera so you can walk away showcasing your most vibrant self. 

Wedding photography isn't for the faint of heart, takes a great deal of experience, and certainly shouldn't be taken lightly (or by a family friend who took a class in college and wants to give this a try). With over 25 weddings under my belt and a true fondness for this ever-evolving industry, I can confidently guide you through the planning of your picture-perfect day from a modern yet classic photographic perspective.


I aim to tell the story of your day as it happens and help you come away with full confidence that the day is captured fully, presently, and without feeling like you spent your wedding day at a photoshoot. Starting at $2,200 for 6 hours of coverage, I offer packages that can be custom-designed and catered to the unique style, vision, and scale of your event. 


Birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, business branding photoshoots - you name it! I would love to photograph where you are in life and offer hourly rates to help customize the experience to meet your needs. 

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