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Services & Pricing Guide

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PhotosByBastos - Wedding Venue

What to expect from me

My intention as a photographer is to represent my clients with authenticity, class, comfort, connection, and flexibility. I truly believe my job is about inspiring art and making people want to have their picture taken. 

So, when you book with me, you're booking a connection with someone whose main goal is to get to know you and evoke the truest version of you in the memories you'll be keeping and looking through forever. 

Photos by Bastos

H & C

We had such a positive experience with Amanda! She’s very talented and easy to work with. She made us feel relaxed during our session and the photos we received captured our relationship perfectly.

Discovery Call



Step One is meeting one another and grasping your vision for the service you're looking for. 

During our discovery call you'll be able to unravel your inspiration for having these photos taken, as well ask me all of your questions. My goal is to provide you with a strong foundation to build your inspiration upon, and come up with a plan to get you exactly what you're looking for. And, if at the end of the call, it turns out that Photos by Bastos isn't the best fit for your vision, that's ok! 

Booking with me means having flexibility while we all navigate a modern life that calls for more than what one person can manage all at once. So, there's no holding fee or deposit to book with me because life happens! Rescheduling is always an option and never an added cost. 

We'll coordinate our schedules to find the most ideal time & day of to fully live out your dream photoshoot. ​

During the booking process we'll continue to get to know each other and harness a personal connection that will allow me to best represent you in your photos. 

Now we have a set date on the calendar! We'll have high levels of communication until the day of your session or event. In that time, I'll be happy to answer questions, help you plan the day to a T, and provide additional guidance as needed. 

After our time together, you can expect to have deliverables within thirty days of booking a session, and within eight weeks of booking an event, like a wedding or elopement. 

Weddings and elopements also get a sneak preview prior to that eight week mark, because waiting eight weeks to cry over your wedding photos is far too long if you ask me!

Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos

Portrait Sessions

Starting at $300

Portrait sessions are fun, flexible, and creative opportunities to celebrate all kinds of moments in a meaningful and tangible way; from annual family holiday cards & albums to surprise marriage proposals, to graduating seniors throwing their caps or elder seniors celebrating 50 years of love, and everything in between. These sessions can be customized to fit your personality and comfort level in front of the camera so you can walk away showcasing your most vibrant self. 

Wedding & Elopements

Starting at $3,000 

Wedding photography isn't for the faint of heart, takes a great deal of experience, and certainly shouldn't be taken lightly. With over 25 weddings under my belt and a true fondness for this ever-evolving industry, I can confidently guide you through the planning of your picture-perfect day from a modern yet classic photographic perspective. I aim to tell the story of your day as it happens and help you come away with full confidence that the day is captured fully, presently, and without feeling like you spent your wedding day at a photoshoot.

Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos

Special Projects & Events

Custom Pricing

Birthday parties, baby showers, baptisms, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, business branding photoshoots - you name it! I would love to photograph where you are in life and offer hourly rates to help customize the experience to meet your needs. 

Photos by Bastos
Photos by Bastos
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