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To truly understand what I'm passionate about and what I'm offering as a photographer, you must know that freezing time makes my heart beat differently. It warms me up inside and makes me giddy. It's so much more than pushing the right buttons and being good at Photoshop!

It is a privilege to stand behind my lens and evoke those warm fuzzy feelings you get when you reminisce on the time we spend together - I LIVE for those, so I take my memory-making job very seriously. It's also why I spend most of my time photographing your most memorable life events!

Hi, I'm Amanda

It is so nice to finally meet you!

Who am I, really?


Proud Brazilian

Well, by blood. I was actually born in the US, but raised 100% Brazilian from a cultural standpoint. I spent holidays and summer vacations at my grandmothers while I attended school. I saw life through a completely different lens than what I experienced while in the states.  It brought out the best in me to know that there is so much more to take mental pictures of. 

Certified Coloradan 

Is 5 years of residence enough to no longer be labeled a transplant? Going on 6!

Ok, so I'm not a Coloradan, but I love being here and have found a unique community of creatives here that share the same visions and dreams that I do when it comes to using what nature has to offer to make incredible art. 

Self-Taught Photographer

I picked up my first real camera at age 12 and was published in a school magazine at age 15, the rest is history.

I just love what I do. It's that simple. I've tried every type of photography there is, for the sake of learning and satisfying curiosity. I have this incredible (-ey stubborn) way of figuring things out, which means I didn't think to take a photography, ever. With almost 10 years of experience now, I take so much pride in how far I've come, and all because of a spark in passion. 

I take pride in...

Friends & Family

Who am I, if not the people I surround myself with?

The Outdoors

There's nothing better than connecting with nature by taking care of the Earth!


LQBTQ+ friendly | BIPOC Inclusive | All Shapes & Sizes Welcome

Traveling Weddings + Elopements

Since moving to Colorado, I've enjoyed traveling in-state, as well as far beyond its borders both domestically & internationally exploring more and more of this kind of beauty. There's no limit to what we can create together in the settings you've always dreamt of. 


Whether you've been dreaming of a coastal fairytale in Italy or honoring your family with a traditional wedding in the American countryside, I'm up for any adventure that's meaningful to you. I would be honored to travel far & wide to capture your story. 


PhotosByBastos - Bride and Bridesmaids Portraits

Making the adventure worthwhile.

Photos by Bastos

Is this the start of a friendship?

Getting to know you will help me photograph you well and create memorable images that you love, but my hope is that you also enjoy taking them in the process. I strive to connect with you on a deeper level before & during your time in front of the camera so you're at your best and I know how to bring that out in you.

    So... let's be friends!


Amanda is my go-to photographer

and has seen me through so many life events - through her lens! I cannot recommend her enough; as someone who feels uncomfortable posing for a picture, Amanda is the first ever photographer to make it feel fun and natural.

O & C

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